Private Mortgage

Struggling with Poor Credit or Unverified Income?

Get Approved based on the Equity of Your Home!

For those who are not eligible for traditional loans, we offer alternative mortgage solutions from private lenders.

Private mortgages are short- term, interest-only loans.

Nowadays reality is that conservative lending guidelines used by banks and conventional lenders exclude many individuals who are in fact able to pay back loans. Most importantly, private lenders take into account a property’s overall value and marketability as opposed to simply the borrower’s credit history.

We can provide you with temporary financial resources to become a stronger candidate for future mortgage loans with A Class banks.

There are different Reasons to consider Private Mortgage options:

  • Pay Off Debts and High Interest Loans
  • Pay Tax Arrears
  • Home Improvement & Renovation
  • Lower Interest Rate
  •  Pay Mortgage Arrears
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Business Financing
  • Pay tuition Fee
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Funds for Vacation
  • Auto Financing
  • Accounts in Collection
  • Maxed out Credit Cards
  • House Liens
  • Pay Off Consumer Proposal
  • Pay Off Bankruptcy
  • Spousal Payout


All Star Mortgage Brokers are always on your side.

We can shop for you the best mortgage rates and terms on the market.

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